Private Events

Events at Cafe Genevieve

Private functions can be held at the restaurant and we are happy to accommodate small groups of up to 40 people all year round.  A semi-private dining area is available year-round at the restaurant or you can opt to have the entire space as a full restaurant buyout. Our Patio in the summertime allows us to be able to host up to 100 people as a full restaurant buyout.


At Cafe Genevieve we strive to utilize local and sustainable ingredients whenever available. Through our relationships with local ranchers and farmers we are able to provide your guests with a truly western culinary experience. Our food is influenced by a sense of simplicity. With a focus on the best possible products treated with the utmost respect for the ingredient, we are able to present cuisine that is straightforward, never fussy. We pride ourselves on delivering enlightened hospitality. Our service staff is trained to listen to our guests with every sense and to follow up with a gracious, thoughtful and appropriate response. It’s about soul; service without soul, no matter how elegant, is quickly forgotten by the guest.

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Thank you for considering Cafe Genevieve for your next event. Please contact us for information and pricing on your next event or visit the Genevieve Catering Website.